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Cylinder protection for BMW R 1250

Cylinder protection for BMW R 1250

Cylinder protection for BMW R 1250

Cylinder protection for BMW R 1250, suitable for BMW R 1250 GS / R 1250 R / R 1250 RS / R 1250 RT now available at Touratech.

Complete the sporty and adventurous look of your boxer while effectively protecting the exposed cylinders.

Whether it’s a bump when manuvering in a narrow garage, a rock-slide on the motorway or a fall after a strenuous climb – the cylinders of the BMW Boxer can unfortunately be quickly scratched. In the worst case, the valve cover retains a hole and the journey is sadly at an abrupt end.
The complex construction of the shift cam mechanism of the R1250 series, in particular, requires special protection. Our developers have designed the cylinder protection aluminum set for BMW R1250GS especially for this purpose.

The unique design of the 4-mm thick aluminum part guarantees effective protection, high stability and gives your BMW a sporty, modern look while the protector encloses your cylinder like a sheath.

Thanks to the well thought-out design, the forces are kept away from the valve cover in case of a fall, tip or impact. Damage that once could come with expensive consequences turns into a slide with a small scratch on the protector.

This is a set for each side of your bike therefore keeping you protected no matter which direction the damage occurs.

For combination with the Touratech crash bars 01-037-5160-0 and 01-037-5162-0, we recommend to use 01-037-5169-0.

For combination with the original BMW engine guards (R 1250 GS Adventure), please remove its rubber element.

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