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Glove Touratech Guardo Rain

The Guardo Rain is a high quality rain-proof overglove made of durable Ripstop Nylon with waterproof membrane and a lightweight polyester lining.

Classic rain protection with up-to-date technologies newly interpreted: that’s the Guardo Rain. Ripstop nylon, a textile material which is particularly tear-resistant due woven-in, reinforced threads, gives these rain gloves their robustness. The membrane is made of polyurethane which repels rainwater reliably, even at high speeds. A special feature is the soft blend of polyester and polyurethane used on the side of the index finger and thumb. This makes it possible to effectively wipe water from the helmet visor – a classic, protruding wiper lip is superfluous.

Thanks to the low weight and compact dimensions, you can have your Guardo Rain with you at all times – and be immune to wet surprises.